Hello! Today we’ll teach the drawing technique of Kingpin in Marvel Comics. In the beginning, Kingpin was Spider-Man’s adversary, a few some time ago Kingpin was made the arch-enemy of Matthew Murdock.

Step 1
We will first draw the figure of a stickman. It is evident that there are many different features of this figure from the normal person. The figure of this stickman is not sporting a neck. The pelvis and shoulders of this figure are extremely large.

Step 2
Draw an outline of a face line. The vertical lines are a sign of facial symmetry, while horizontal lines will indicate the position that the eye is in. Just below the head, draw a large body of Kingpin that slightly expands to the waist.

Step 3
In this section, we’ll sketch out his outline clothing. Be sure to remember the two accessories that are the most sought-after by Kingpin. We are talking about a cane and a cigar.

Step 4
The face’s features are the main focus that makes up our characters.

Step 5
In this stage, we need to sketch the specifics of the body. It is evident that Kingpin has on a jacket, vest, and a turtleneck.

The information that must be drawn includes:

Buttons, collars, and pockets that are found on jackets;
Buttons on the vest
The turtleneck’s collar.
If you stick to the order it is certain that you won’t be confused.

Step 6
In this section, we’ll draw Kingpin’s arms and his hands.

Step 7
Let’s remove the unnecessary guides from the legs. Step 8
This is a great example of comic-style drawing. We now need to draw shadows like they were drawn in our instruction on drawing Cyclops of X-Men.
They’re distinct, cover an extensive area, and are like dark spots.

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