How To Draw King Ghidorah

How To Draw King Ghidorah

Step one:

It is possible to begin by drawing the guide form as well as the outline for Ghidorah. Three circles are for each head, and the egg-shaped shape is the body. Then, add the guidelines for legs and faces.

Step two:

The Sart is drawn to draw the snout as well as the upper rows of teeth. Make the cheeks appear more rounded and give minor details.

Step three:

In this next step, you’ll complete the first head with the eyebrows which create horns, and then create the spiked, horned frills over the back of the jaw. Once you’ve finished, it is time to draw the lower part of the mouth . You will then draw the lower row of teeth together with the tongue.

Step four:

Second head to be in an angle of 3/4. Start by drawing the side that is the most visible first, then move on to the other side. The same shape, but at an angle that is different.

Step five:

Make sure to draw in the tongue and teeth to complete the second head.

Step six:

The third head falls under the second. The creation of the King Ghidorah’s 3rd head in the same way as you created the first two. There are fewer teeth in this head, however the rest of the head is designed exactly in the same way.

Step seven:

The next step is to move towards the human body. Begin with drawing the neck for all three heads . Next, draw a part of the chest, followed by two feet and legs. Include the clawed toes, and then draw some detail on the legs.

Step eight:

Finally, you can draw the winged arm. Then, draw in two of the tails visible in the back of Ghidorah’s body. It is also possible to draw the tips. wings are also clawed, so you can you can add those as well. After you’re finished, you can begin cleaning your drawing, and erase any mistakes, as well as the guides.

Step nine:

You’re completed. Now, you can enjoy making the King Ghidorah in. I hope you enjoyed it. Be sure to comment, share, and share to help others learn from this tutorial on drawing King Ghidorah.

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