How to Draw Killer Clowns Step by Step

The easy step-by-step drawing instructions below.

How to Draw Niall Horan of One Direction

Step 1

So, based on the size you would like your ultimate clown look, decide the size of your clown’s head. Begin with a rounded form for the head. Then put guides on the face. Next, draw the narrow outline of the chin’s long shape, after which you will draw out the of the hair of the clown.

Step 2
Draw a small circle on the clown’s face and then draw lines that sit above the nose. The wrinkles will give an element of facial expression. After that, draw a wide and wide mouth to mimic the smiles of the killer clowns.

Step 3
I deliberately drew two different eyes to create the appearance of a scar or devil on the clown’s face. With the face guides you sketched in the first step sketch the outline that the eyes take. Then make creases or lines for the eyebrows . This add the appearance of a sinister killer clown. Last but not least draw bags or lines under your eyes, as they appear in this picture.

Step 4
You’re now ready to sketch the hairstyle. You can decide to make your monster clown beardless or leave the head entirely depending on your preference. If you decide for drawing the character that you are seeing here, sketch the ponytails on his sides and be sure not to sketch them out in a manner that appears insane.

Step 5
Draw the bony forms of the faces of the killer clowns. You’ll want to spend a lot of your time here because the facial shape creates a face that is more dramatic. Include details and strokes on the face and finish the hairline.

Step 6
The fun is now on. Draw your mouth and with no further, then drawing you’ll have a set of long, teeth that are so horrible, you’ll be terrified or even panic taking a look. After you’ve finished you can draw lines across your forehead, and then erase all the lines and forms that you created in the first step.

Step 7
You are done. Look at how stunning your drawing of a sly clown looks. Color him , or print the final image and bring it in your neighborhood tattoo studio to have this image tattooed in your own body. Stay tuned for a great tutorial!

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