In a number of our prior drawing classes, we were requested for a sketch of Kid Omega, the comic book character from Marvel. Marvel universe. For those who don’t are aware, Kid Omega (Quentin Quire) is a mutant that has telekinetic powers. Let’s begin our drawing instruction on drawing Kid Omega.

Step 1
We’ll start at the beginning of the skeleton, Quentin Quintero. We begin by sketching out an oval head. Along this line, we sketch out the thorax on the top and pelvis towards the lower. The next step is to sketch legs and arms with simple lines.

Step 2
This is the time to increase the volume. Sketch two lines that intersect across the face. Then, sketch out the legs, torso, and arms using geometric forms. Make sure to sketch your fingers as well as feet.

Step 3
It’s time to begin working on the basic elements of drawing. First, sketch out the facial details with gentle lines. Then, sketch out the glasses and hair. On the body, draw out the outline of the clothes, as seen in the image below.

Step 4
Beginning with this step, we’ll begin with dark and clear lines. With the help of these lines take care to draw the contours of your face. Also, draw out the outline for glasses and hairstyles. At the same time sketch out the outline of the jaw and ears and remove any unnecessary lines of the head.

Step 5
Lower your body a bit and work towards the upper part of the body. With clear lines, accurately trace the outline of the jacket as well as the T-shirts underneath the jacket. At the same time sketch lines around the arms. Make sure you repeat all of the folds and contours like in our illustration. Then it is necessary to remove all lines that are not necessary from the upper body.

Step 6
The next step is to repeat the same procedure, only with the lower part from Omega Kid. By using clear lines, we must draw out legs, shorts, and shoes. To give the impression of the real you can mark some folded lines on your shorts. Don’t forget to remember to erase the other lines you don’t want to erase in the sketch.

Step 7
What can be done to help make my sketch appear more vibrant? Of course, you have to make shadows. This can be done using thick hatching and placing shadows in the darkest areas of Kid Omega’s body. Kid Omega.

Today, we taught us ways to draw Quentin Quire, one of the characters of Marvel’s Marvel Universe. If you’d like our help drawing your favorite comic character, inform us of it. Don’t forget that we’re looking forward to your comments in the comments section on our blog posts or on our social media networks.


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