How to Draw Kermit The Frog

Many characters have been loved by people all over the globe. Kermit The Frog, however, is one of those characters.

Kermit is a beloved icon around the world, so many people would like to learn Kermit the Frog.

Although it may be difficult to be green, drawing Kermit The Frog can be very easy if you have the right guide!

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This 8-step step-by-step guide will teach you how to draw Kermit the Frog in 8 easy steps.

1st Step:

We will start with Kermit the Frog’s head to begin this guide. As shown in the reference photo, his head is very rounded and long.

His eyes are drawn in two circular shapes.

You are now ready to move on to step 2.

2nd Step:

Kermit, like many other Muppets, has a unique mouth design. I will be adding this to my Kermit The Frog drawing.

For the top of the smiling mouth, you can draw a curve and have a sharper line below it.

Finally, can be drawn with a rounded shape that descends from his mouth.

3rd Step:

This part of our guide will show you how to draw Kermit The Frog’s iconic pupils and his spiky neck collar.

Draw his pupils by placing a dot in each of his eyes and then drawing a line through each dot.

Next, draw the spiky collar he has by using sharp lines and jagged lines.

4th Step:

In the next step, we will add the belly and first arms to your Kermit The Frog sketch. You can draw two lines that are rounded and leave a gap at the bottom of his belly.

Next, draw an arm that is angled up for a wave on the left. As shown in the reference photo, his arms are long and thin.

To complete the step, you can add his long, thin fingers to his hands.

5th Step:

This guide on how to draw Kermit the Frog has shown you one arm. Now, we’ll be adding another one.

The second one will be similar, but the hand will be bent and his hand will be on his side. He will have his hand curled against the side of the hand.

6th Step:

In the next step, we will draw the first leg of your KermitThe Frog drawing. His legs are similar to his arms in that they are long and thin.

You can draw the leg with two curves on either side. For his knee, you can also add a bump to the left.

His foot will be flat and small with a straight line between his toes. You can move on once you are happy with the result.

7th Step:

We will be adding the second leg to this guide on how you draw Kermit the Frog.

Draw his other leg and it will look the same as the one you just drew.

Now you are ready to move on to the next step. Be sure to finish your photo before you move on.

One idea is to draw a background. You could also show Kermit’s environment and create a fun scene.

What other ideas can you think up to enhance your Kermit the Frog drawing?

8th Step:

This guide has been a tremendous help in obtaining a fantastic Kermit The Frog drawing.

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