Which is the more well-known and charismatic TV host from animated shows? Some say the answer is Tom Tucker, and others say is Kent Brockman. Our website already contains an article on Tom Tucker, and today we’ll show ways to draw Kent Brockman.

Step 1
Let’s begin with the fundamental outline that the human body has. Begin by drawing the belly shape of a circle. Then, sketch an upper and lower neck that is connected to a head.

Step 2
We sketch out the legs and arms. It is important to note that we sketch Kent Brockman in a standard TV presenter’s position.

Step 3
Slowly start adding details. Start by drawing the eyes half-closed and the nose.

Step 4
Then, draw eyebrows over your eyes. Then, draw pupils, and a few wrinkles below the eyes.

Step 5
Move up and trace the outline of the hair and the ear.

Step 6
Complete the face by drawing the neckline and outline of the Hollywood smile of Kent Brockman.

Step 7
Lower your body a bit and put out your front hand with a microphone.

Step 8
Draw the outline of the shoulders tie and both the collars on the jacket as well as the shirt.

Step 9
Complete the body and torso of Kent Brockman drawing the outlines of his jacket as well as the second arm.

Step 10
A simple process where we have to draw pants with just a few lines.

Step 11
Another extremely easy step is drawing Kent Brockman’s shoes. Kent Brockman.

If you’re not confused about drawing and have precisely followed our steps, you now are aware of what it takes to draw Kent. If you’re interested in learning how to draw other cartoon characters like the Simpsons check out our “Cartoons” category on our website.

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