Hey dear artists, we are pleased to present another drawing lesson about Kenny that is from South Park. Based on the title, we’ll demonstrate the art of drawing Kenny of Southern Park.

Step 1
First, we create a head in the shape of an arc. Within the circle, draw another one. This is the opening for the hood.

Step 2
Then, we draw an outline of a torso made of a cylinder, and then legs beneath the torso.

Step 3
Utilizing two lines that are slightly curly draw the arms. Using circles, draw the hands.

Step 4
An easy step which we are required to sew a seam between the feet and jacket.

Step 5
Within the hood’s opening draw a second circle. Within this circle, draw an outline in the shape of an almond.

Step 6
In the hood’s opening draw eyes. Notice that a portion of your eyes can be hidden underneath the hood.

Step 7
In the final and most simple step, we eliminate all unnecessary strokes and lines, making our Kenny drawing more clear.

It was a drawing class on drawing Kenny in South Park step by step. Take a look at the other South Park lessons and tell us about other lessons you’d like to check out on our website.

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