In this drawing article, we’ll show ways to draw Ken Kaneki, a character from Tokyo Ghoul. It’s a really simple and easy lesson. We hope that we can spread the word about anime through our drawing classes.

Step 1

The first step isn’t significantly different from the initial steps of drawing lessons for others or characters. As you may know, at the beginning of our tutorials, we draw the stickman. Because we draw characters from anime with a head that is larger than that of a normal man. Also, in other ways, we draw a normal stickman. First sketch the head with an oval. Then, we draw the body skeleton is drawn using regular lines.



Step 2

In this first step, we draw two cross lines that define the face. Under the face, we draw the neck in an oblong cylinder with a prominent neck. Below this cylinder, we draw out our torso following the lines drawn in the previous step. In this step, we sketch the outline of the arms in the shape of elongated circles and draw the hands.

The lower portion of the body is drawn as an inverted triangular shape. The legs must be drawn similar fashion to the arms, but as extended Cylinders. As the last step of this process, sketch out the feet.


Step 3.

It is the last stage of drawing fundamental lines as well as figures from Ken Kaneki. Utilizing circles and short lines we will draw the anime’s eyes nose, ears, and mouth. One figure that is rounded indicates the hair’s contours. Also, in the third step, we’ll sketch the approximate contours of Ken Kaneki’s clothes. Thus, the foundation of our drawing of the character from the anime is complete, and now, starting at step four, we’ll draw the character with great the finest detail.


Step 4

In this stage, we draw the face. It is possible to read the following article on how to draw anime faces step by step. This will make the drawing experience more enjoyable. In the simplest terms, first and foremost, here we take care to sketch out the outline of the face and facial features with sharp and dark lines. When we have completed this process, we simply take the guidelines off the head and face all over.


Step 5

It’s a good idea to begin to work on the final lines for the torso. The first step is to draw a semicircular design that is situated below the collar. Then, draw another semicircle that is situated close to the edges of the ribs. After this step, we will add simple straight lines in order to obtain the same result as we did in our illustration.


Step 6

The final challenging moment of this lesson. In this lesson, we’ll sketch out arms. We draw short, wide sleeves as well as thin arms. The emphasis should be on the difference between wide sleeves and arms that are thin. This article on drawing hands will assist you in drawing your fists in a correct manner.


Step 7

In this process, we will add some details to the legs and thighs Ken Kaneki. This is why we add folds and lines of decorative to the anime shorts featuring our character. In the next step, you can put some folds on their boots of Ken Kaneki. Be sure to erase any additional lines we have drawn in the initial three steps.


Step 8

We’ll move on to the final step, where we draw shadows. This helps to make Ken Kaneki appear more detailed and real. First, we must determine what light source is responsible to create shadows in the areas with the lowest amount of light. All shadows should be drawn with dense hatching. The second layer of hatching will darken your shadows and hatching in various directions will make them look more natural.


This was the drawing guide that we used to show the drawing process for Ken Kaneki from the famous anime known as Tokyo Ghoul. It is also possible to alter Ken Kaneki’s appearance by altering his skin or appearance. In case you’ve visited our previous drawing tutorials on anime and manga characters, You’ve probably seen how alike they were drawn. Therefore, you are able to apply the techniques you’ve gained from this drawing lesson to drawing your favorite character from anime. The three basic steps are similar for all characters, but the differences lie mostly in the finer details. You can also enhance your skills when drawing the character you are drawing by sketching him with various postures, with different costumes, and from different angles. We’ll be releasing additional anime sketching tutorials over the days ahead. Don’t forget to leave remarks about it if enjoy it.

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