Hello! Today we’ve prepared for you a drawing class on Kazuya Mishima. Jin was the primary character from Tekken which is a very well-known and high-quality videogame.

Step 1
The initial step in this drawing class is to work in the form of a stickman. Without a stickman, we are not going to be able to draw muscles, clothes, and other aspects of our persona. Kazuya has an athletic body. You can check out the drawing lessons Superman and everything you know related to building stickman can be applied to draw stickman Kazuya.

Step 2
In this process, you need to increase the volume of the image. Start by drawing large circles of shoulders and then join them with the head. For connecting these parts of the body, they should be oblique lines with two on either side. The torso should be tapered towards the waist. The character we have is characterized by a large chest and an athletic back.

Draw the groin areas. The area will look like the shape of a triangle.

Draw the legs. The hips are situated between the legs and torso up to the knee joint. They were formed into massive and dense long and straight muscles (the two muscles are located on the frontal surface of the thigh, as we can observe at the angle). To the knee, the thigh abruptly narrowed.

Shanks are situated between the knee joint and the foot. They are the typical bulking in the center of this leg. It is then slacked into the foot.

In this stage, it is important to draw two lines across the face of Kazuya. The horizontal line shows where the eyes are located while the vertical line will display how the face is symmetrical.

Step 3
In this phase, it is necessary to sketch out the fundamental facial features. Be aware that our head tilts down. The position of the ears and eyes in relation to one another should be highlighted as should the angle that the head is in.

Step 4
Draw the facial highlights in greater detail. There are many wrinkles that are located behind the eye. Wrinkles also appear beneath the eyes. The hair should be drawn toward the roots to the point at which it ends.

Step 5
Let’s sketch your character’s body. Sketch the outline of abdominal muscles as well as lines that obliquely connect the ribs. Draw the contours of the pants, with a focus on the form that the leg muscles. Caviar’s hips are larger than yours and the pants are tight in the hips.

Step 6
Draw the body of our character in full detail. Make short lines of smooth lines to draw the major muscles of the torso and arms. Draw fists that are clenched. Remember the pattern on your gloves.


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