How To Draw Kawaii Bunnicula

How To Draw Kawaii Bunnicula

Step one:

Begin with a circle to create the head shape. Once you have that, you’re done.

Step two:

Then, draw the mark on the head to create the Dracula type of do. After that, then you are able to trace and color the eyes, then add the mouth and nose, after which you can draw the tooth. In the end draw the ears that appear a bit similar to bat’s wings.

Step three:

In the third step, make a drawing of the arms the torso and legs. Don’t forget to draw the feet as well.

Step four:

The drawing will be completed by drawing the marking lines to the legs and shoulders. Remove any mistakes you have made if you’ve made any.

Step five:

It’s the art of line that people. All you need to color the Kawaii rendition of Bunnicula.

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