How to Draw Katy Perry with Pencil

The simple step-by step drawing guide below.

Baseball Player Drawing easy Step by Step

Step 1

It’s been a while since my last post. It’s great to return with this new year! Let’s begin with the oval inside the rectangle box. It is best to begin with a minimum of one inch and a half at the highest point of your paper. On the side to your left leave an inch space. This will enable you to achieve her full shape. Be sure to draw the shape and draw slowly. Use a 2HB pencil…not a 2H pencil or hard pencil. This will create a huge mess on your paper.

Step 2

Create a gentle angle from the forehead down to the chin. This is the area that lies in mid-way between the lower line. The jaw line runs parallel to the right side that is the front of the box. As you can see, the inside of the oval appears enormous. This is a way to increase the appearance of a large picture.

Step 3

Draw an oval, as depicted inside the right side of the oval. The midpoint is between your head’s top and lower part of the chin draw a line that runs from “a” to “b”. This is the ideal position for the eyes. To the top of the eyebrows, draw an horizontal line (blue) that runs from “c” to “d”. Also, the area where cheekbones are drawn in a vertical line (blue) between “e” to “f”.

Step 4

Draw a curved line along the face to create the center. Draw two downward-slanting lines that originate from the eyebrows, and the seam (red) to mark your nose’s bridge.

Step 5

This is extremely beneficial to balance the face. It is evident between the hairline and the top of the eyebrow, from the point of the eyebrow all the way to the tip of the nose – and from the top of the nose to the lower part of the chin, the three equal parts. The majority of faces appear like this with minor modifications. The hairline is where the start point begins. Look at the three even sections and then work your way upwards, following the image Step 5.

Step 6

Lightly outline and divide portion of the lower face that is lower into three parts to establish the position in the face. When you increase the length part of your brow to an oval shape, and raise the jawline lower, you are defining the place of the ear. If you’re looking to erase your lines, then do it. It’s all about making the correct shape. Eliminate the midline of your nose. In essence, copy the other lines that represent the faces’ planes. Be patient. You are doing well.

Step 7

In this stage you’ll add your ears below an extended line of brow, and just to the left of the jawline. Remove the lower part portion of your second oval, and include the neck. Make it as sketchy as possible because you’ll have the freedom to modify.

Step 8

You’re making great advancements. The next step is the magical transformation to fill your guide design with hairstyles of Katy Perry eyebrows, cherries, eyes and mouth. earrings, shoulders and mouth. Remove and shape. Take your time and pay attention to the photo. Be patient and mold her.

Step 9

“Tools Of The Trade” I am a huge fan of sharing tools and advice. In the picture, you can see Step 9. I would like to introduce you to ELECTRIC Pencil Cutting Machine. It can save you lots of time. Also I employed the 0.7 size mechanical pencil that can be interchanged. The sizes of the lead used are 2HB and HB. 2HB. I also used the amazing graphite pencil that is 9B. Paint white acrylic, and use a small brush to make the tiny highlights. Also, rubber kneading remover, Q-tip, stump mix, etc. Paint your painting to be eye-catching!

Step 10

It’s time to take this to the next level and share with you how I gain these insights. A few techniques are illustrated on the grey Step 10 figure. Use the escape key to increase the size of the image.

Step 11

You’ve walked many of these roads. Stop here to take stunning photos. Check out the hair and observe how the strokes and highlights are of the hair strands. The eyes must be accentuated with beautiful dark, long eyes. Even though it’s not extremely precise, it’s created a masterpiece.

Step 12

While you keep drawing small circles across her face to create an uniform tone. Mixing with a tissue or Q-tip, when you take your time to move each pencil stroke across your locks, when you’ve learned the tricks and techniques it will lead you to the stage of victory. this. An art work created by you own hands. It’s beautiful. I hope you enjoyed my guide.

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