Dear friends and thank you for visiting! Today, we’ve prepared for you a brand-new drawing lesson specifically for fans of Jungle Book and Disney – Today, we’ll create Kaa in Kaa from the Jungle Book. Let’s begin the lesson!

Step 1
First, draw an oval. make an oval to guide the head. With a straight line and long, sketch your snake’s body (or its head?). Use light and smooth lines for drawing.

Step 2
Draw the snake’s body like in our illustration.

Step 3
Draw the outline of the snout in our illustration.

Step 4
Draw the snake’s snout. With ovals, create the eyes.

Step 5
Remove the guideline from the serpent. Make sure to circle the lines so that you can ensure they are smooth and tidy.

Step 6
Draw the line from the end of the nose to the end of the tail.

Step 7
By drawing short lines, you can draw designs on the snout and belly. Draw the designs on the side of the snake that is smaller than the tail. Make sure to draw the tongue forked.

It was a drawing lesson on drawing Kaa in The Jungle Book step by step. We hope this lesson can help you draw animated snake-like professional artists. Goodbye!

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