Hello, dear fans from 3dvkarts! Today, we bring you an instructional drawing lesson on drawing Juggernaut Juggernaut is an imaginary Marvel comic-book character designed by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby and mostly connected to The X-Men team.

Step 1
Let’s begin with the Skeleton of the Juggernaut. It is important to note that the Juggernaut’s skeleton Juggernaut is much larger in comparison to the skeletons of a typical human (something similar to the skeleton of the Hulk or a rhino).

Step 2
Draw a broad and flat helmet that sits on the shoulders. Just below, draw a torso that is very wide of Juggernaut which narrows slightly towards the waist. Don’t forget that you must draw very thin lines.

Step 3
Let’s draw the legs of the Juggernaut. Make a mark on your shoulders in the form of circles, and then your arms, and fists. Under the torso, draw out the triangular legs and pelvis with feet.

Step 4
Let’s add certain specifics. Start at the top and draw openings for the mouth and eyes. Move down a bit and draw the pectorals as well as the abdominals. Draw out the boots and gloves.

Step 5
Eliminating unnecessary lines of the head, carefully sketch out the outline of the helmet, as well as the holes on the helmet. Then make your eyes, nose, and mouth by drawing a pair of wrinkles that wrap around the mouth. Put on rivets on the helmet.

Step 6
Let’s begin adding details to the body. The first step is to remove all extra lines of the body. The next step is to draw massive abdominal muscles and pectoral muscles. Draw all the lines on the outfit, then continue.

Step 7
With the removal of lines that are unnecessary from arms, you can reveal the muscles as well as the details around the arms, for example, hoops made of metal on the upper arms as well as gloves. Make sure to draw your fists tightly.

Step 8
Let’s sketch the legs. We’ll draw the legs in a similar manner as we did the arms in the earlier step. This means that we need to remove unnecessary lines and draw the muscles of the legs as well as details such as folds and boots in the legs.

Step 9
This is the final stage of our lesson will learn to draw Juggernaut. By using very dark and strong strokes and lines including shadows. In the same way, with the aid of shadows, we can also apply a metallic lustre to the suit.

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