Judge Dredd is a fairly popular character. Some have seen him in comics and some in movies. In this video tutorial, we’ll teach you how to draw Judge Dredd step by step.

Step 1
Every drawing lesson on individuals must start at the base of the subject and the Dredd tutorial is not an exception. The head is the first thing we sketch before moving to the spine’s line and the pelvis and chest are drawn out. Through simple lines, we draw out the legs and arms. Be careful not to push too hard upon the pencil.

Step 2
We now draw two lines on Judge Dredd’s face. Judge Dredd, will aid in defining the facial features. Then, we draw the outline of the neck and the torso, which expands towards the shoulders and tapers to the waist. The next stage is that of legs and arms, which should be drawn using very easy geometric figures.

Step 3
In step three, we sketch out the most basic features of Dredd. Beginning with the face, draw the outline of the helmet as well as his mouth. Then, move on to the body, drawing the outline of the costume as shown in the image below. The first and second steps should be light.

Step 4
Now, we need to use a pencil that is darker or a marker, and sketch the outline that the helmet. The next step is to sketch the outline of the jaw and mouth. Sketch out the details of the helmet, and then add wrinkles to the face. Take an eraser and take away any unnecessary guidelines from the face.

Step 5
The next step in the guideline on drawing Judge Dredd will be quite challenging since there will be lots of intricate lines. The first step is to take care to draw the outline and the details on the shoulder pads. Then, move to the torso and gently sketch it out as shown in the image below.

Step 6
Another step that is very challenging is which we trace the arms and hands of Judge Dredd. Be extra careful in drawing elbow pads as well as gloves. Try drawing the hands as precisely as you can. Then, we remove from the arms all guidelines that were not that were drawn in the initial steps.

Step 7
Draw the belt carefully that has pockets as well as a large logo at the center. Then, draw the outline of your legs taking into consideration the lines of the joints and muscles. Then, we draw elbow pads and large shoes. We take out all unnecessary guidelines from our sketch, making Judge Dredd more clean and tidy.

Step 8
The tutorial on drawing Judge Dredd is almost completed, all we need to do is to include some shadows. To begin, identify the source of light. With that in mind, we trace the shadows using dense hatching. If you wish to darken the shadows you can apply an additional layer of hatching.

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