Our site was established several years ago, and over this time we’ve developed many drawing classes on a variety of characters from comics. They include not just well-known characters like Wolverine or Cyclops however, there are as well lesser-known characters. Today we will draw a character well-known to a lot of people thanks to the animated series of the 90s. Let’s begin the step-by-step guide on drawing Jubilee.

Step 1
Then we will begin with the skull. We begin by sketching out the head as a shape in the shape of an oval. Then, we sketch the spine’s line. Along the line of the spine, we sketch out the chest and pelvis. By drawing simple lines, are drawn around the legs and arms. Don’t forget that the lines drawn in the first step must be extremely thin, which means that you must be careful not to push the pencil too hard.

Step 2
Now let’s give some more volume to the structure of the Jubilee. We begin by sketching two lines of intersecting lines across the front. Following that we sketch the outline of the torso. They are slimming around the waist. After that, with the help of geometric shapes that are simple, we draw out the legs and arms. This is drawn using light lines.

Step 3
We’ll now focus on the major details of our sketch. Start by drawing the head. We’ll sketch the outline of the particulars of the hair and face of Jubilee as seen in our illustration. Then we’ll move to the lower part of the head and sketch out the outline of clothing, using the aid of very smooth and light lines, which are easy to erase in subsequent steps.

Step 4
We will now focus on the last particulars. With clear and dark lines, we’ll gradually trace the contours of the features on the face. Next, draw the signature hairstyle and outline of the jaw. Take away any unnecessary guides from the face, and then proceed to the following step.

Step 5
We now move down and begin working on the details of the body part of Jubilee. By using dark and clear lines, we meticulously sketch out the contours of clothes on the body as illustrated in our example. Try to duplicate all the clothes’ elements and lines.

Step 6
We will now look at Jubel’s arms. Jul. The exact idea, that is using black and clear lines, it is necessary to draw the outline of the arms without forgetting to draw the details as well as folds in clothing. Eliminate all unnecessary guidelines and then move on to the next stage.

Step 7
It is now time to draw feet. Following the lines of the torso, sketch the outline of the legs and shorts. Be aware that your legs must be able to move freely to the knees. Draw your shoes, fold all folds necessary and then erase the rest of the guidelines, and then move on to the next step.

Step 8
To complete our drawing Let’s include shadows. Shadows can increase the size of our drawing and will give it a full appearance. We will use the standard black and contrasting shadows used in comics. It’s not hard to do, but you need to first draw the shadows’ contours and paint them in black.

It was a drawing class specifically designed to teach the drawing Jubilee of The X-Men. If you’d like us to teach you how to draw your favorite Comic book characters, send us a note in the comments of this article.

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