How to Draw JP from Craig of the Creek

How to Draw JP from Craig of the Creek

Step 1:

Draw the head- and torso guides as you see them here.

Step 2:

Next, draw the shape of J.P.’s head & face.

Step 3:

You can now draw the mouth, nose, and eyes.

Step 4:

You just need to draw J.P.’s body, which has wide shoulders and thick sleeves.

Step 5:

The shirt design can be completed by adding the band and V neck to the base of your jersey.

Step 6:

Finally, add the bottom portion of the jersey to John Paul’s jersey. Next draw in John Paul’s skinny legs. For each foot, add the sock liner.

Step 7:

Before coloring in J.P., John Paul or Craig of the Creek, erase all guides and mistakes.

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