How to Draw Joyce Byers From Stranger Things

How to Draw Joyce Byers From Stranger Things

Step 1:

Use these guides and forms to create Joyce’s head, body and legs.

Step 2:

Next, draw the shape of her head and create a hairstyle that is semi-long and wavy. You can also add details to her hair.

Step 3:

Next, we’ll draw the clothes. Start with the jacket collar.

Step 4:

Next, we can tackle the face. Next, draw the large circles for your eyes. Then color in the long, thick eyebrows. Make sure to add the lashes.

Step 5:

Draw the eyes more. Next, draw the mouth and blush marks.

Step 6:

Now, we will draw the arms and shoulders as well as the fingers. The hands are folded in because she is holding an axe.

Step 7:

Next, draw the handle of the axe. You can add details to the handle and the steel.

Step 8:

Keep working on her upper body, which includes the clothing. Under her open flannel, she is wearing an underneath shirt.

Step 9:

Finish Joyce Byers’s look by adding detail to her legs, feet and hair. You are done!

Step 10:

After you’ve fixed your mistakes and followed the guides, Joyce Byers’ drawing should look exactly like this one. All you need to do now is to color her in. How to Draw the Omega from Fortnite


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