Hello, everybody! We are continuing to reveal the main theme that is the focus of Mortal Kombat, and our guest today is Johnny Cage! Johnny is among the most iconic characters from the Mortal Kombat universe, he was in the first game in the series, released in 1992, together with other characters like Sub-Zero, Scorpion, Raiden, and Liu Kang. The game was originally developed to be played on video games however, it was only after some time that was it adapted to gaming consoles for home use.

He attended his participated in the “Mortal Kombat” event to prove his presence and show the public his impressive abilities. But, he’s also an enlightened warrior who fought alongside Raiden to defend the people from the Earth kingdom. Let’s draw this classic character!

Step 1
Let’s begin at the beginning with the “stickman” (man made out of circles and sticks) Define the fundamental dimensions of Johnny Cage, and depict his body posture on paper. Draw his head, as Johnny Cage, using an oval. Then draw lines for the shoulders, spine, and legs. We will recall the basic human proportions:

The man’s growth rate is about seven heads.
The torso measures approximately 2 heads.
Length of legs equivalent to the height of 4 heads.
The Arms’ length measures around 3 heads.
Don’t be scared of the unusual, dynamic, and non-standard posture that is typical of Johnny Cage – it is quite easy drawing it.

Step 2
Continue to draw lessons on drawing Johnny Cage. Review your stickman since it’s crucial to draw the stickman accurately. If you are confident that your proportions are right then we move to the next step – we draw the face. First, draw a horizontal axis of symmetry on the face, and an eye’s horizontal lines. Above the eye, the line traces the line of eyebrows as well as the haircut. Below the eyeliner trace the lines that define the mouth and nose.

Step 3
Now, we can add the volume of the torso and arms. Utilize basic geometric forms to design an equivocal fake. Draw the contours of the body from Johnny Cage, which tapers to the waist. By drawing circles, tracing the shoulders, and using cylinders, and arms. Draw the shapes that the fingers form. Be aware of the fact that Johnny Cage must not be too muscular. He should have a strong physique, like Spider-Man.

Step 4
This part of the guideline on drawing Johnny Cage is not too difficult. Draw the legs in the form of modified cylinders, and knees that are shaped like circles. The silhouette is done, now begin to add details.

Step 5
In this stage, we outline the hair’s contours (remember the hairline from the previous step) in addition to drawing the eyebrow, ear, and mouth. In addition, there is one of the main rules of proportions for the human face is:

The top of the ear must be at a similar height as the eyebrows;
The lower part is on the same level as the nose’s tip.

Step 6
Let’s focus on the look that is Johnny Cage. If, as in the second step and the preceding steps, you have done everything right the next step will be quite easy for you. Don’t forget to note the wrinkles and folds of the nasolabial region that give a ferocious expression to his face which happens in the event of intense physical exertion which is in our case, a punch. Draw lines of hair. The lines must be drawn towards the hair’s roots up to the ends.

Step 7
In this stage, it is time to attach the correct shape to the human body, John Cage. Draw the forms of muscles for example:

triceps muscles, biceps muscles, deltoids, and forearm muscles on arms
and large pectorals on the chest.
hamstrings, quadriceps, and calf muscles.
Make sure you tightly clasp your fingers or feet.

Step 8
In this stage of drawing lessons on drawing Johnny Cage, we add details. Draw spikes for bracers. Draw belts tied in knots at the side. Mark the line of shorts as well as the shoes.

Step 9
In this step, we complete the details of Johnny Cage. Eliminate the guidelines and draw the figure that we sketched in the previous steps. Mark the lines of the body, and make lines that are smooth and neat. Make sure to add some muscle strokes and folds of the clothes.

Step 10
In this stage, we begin making shadows. We must first determine the source of light. You can adjust the intensity of the shadows using different pressures on a pencil and hatching various intensities. If the shadows appear too complex for you, it is time to learn to draw shadows by starting with simple lessons, such as a lesson on drawing grapes.

It was a class where we showed how to draw ways to draw Johnny Cage. If you like this drawing lesson, please join our accounts on social media like Facebook, Google Plus, Instagram, and others.

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