When we taught drawing in our earlier lessons we demonstrated to our students how you draw family members from the animated show Family Guy. In this lesson, we’d like to present another fascinating character from the series. We’ll learn how to draw Joe Swanson.

Step 1
Begin by drawing the eyes, nose, and eyes of Joe Swanson.

Step 2
Draw the eyelids’ upper and lower lids and pupils in the form of dots, and a smiling mouth.

Step 3
Make a slight upward move and draw a face, eyebrow, hair, and ear that represent our characters.

Step 4
Draw out the outline of a jaw that is massive and has a broad neck.

Step 5
On the head, draw an outline of a collar as well as short sleeves of Polo.

Step 6
Draw the outline of the torso as well as the massive arms and legs of Joe Swanson.

Step 7
An extremely complex process that requires us for drawing the legs as well as an outline of wheels.

Step 8
Finalize drawing the wheels and draw all the details illustrated in our illustration.

Step 9
It is probably the easiest step, in which we only have to draw the feet.

Step 10
This is the last step in which we will draw down the lowest portion of the wheelchair.

As we’ve already mentioned that we created a variety of characters from Family Guy and the American Dad. Each lesson in the series was drawn in the same way but in this one, we used a brand new method. Write down your thoughts on this, and other lessons in drawing, as your thoughts will help us determine the direction in which we have to make our drawing tutorials more effective.

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