How to draw JJ Jameson

How to draw JJ Jameson

Step 1:

Draw the outline for the face, limbs and head in the shapes you have created.

Step 2:

Now, you will need to draw the hat JJ wears. It is not clear what type it might be, but it seems to be a helmet.

Step 3:

Finish the helmet detailing and define JJ’s face. After that, draw the hair down the sides of JJ’s face with the low-hanging locks.

Step 4:

We will now draw the basic shapes of the eyes. After that, you can draw the nose and the large heart-shaped mouth. The tongue and the teeth will be filled in the top of the mouth.

Step 5:

The sweater is what you should draw to show the rest of your body.

Step 6:

Add the elastic stitching to the bottom of your sweater, along with the pouch or front pocket.

Step 7:

Finally, draw the long, noodle-like limbs. Next draw the shoes. Make sure to color the shadows on the legs’ upper parts.

Step 8:

To finish the drawing, you can erase any mistakes or guidelines.

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