The Simpsons series is extremely loved by the staff of our website, each episode we were eagerly anticipating in the late nineties. However, the Simpsons aren’t as popular as they were back then. Yet we still love the show and want to draw some of the most fascinating characters. We’ll teach our readers the art of drawing Jimbo Jones.

Step 1
First, let’s outline an extended head using the neck as well as the outline of the body.

Step 2
Then, sketch the outline of the legs and arms that are crossed over the chest.

Step 3
Draw out the dark eyes using dots-pupils as well as an elongated nose.

Step 4
An extremely complex process – sketch out the outline of a knit hat and the long hair that hangs.

Step 5
Then, return toward the side of your face. Draw the outline of cheekbones and mouth, and teeth that are round.

Step 6
Let’s sketch shoulder lines, the lines of the short sleeves, and arms that are folded over the chest.

Step 7
It is a simple procedure that we need to do to draw the lower part of our shirt.

Step 8
This stage is slightly more difficult than the first one when we draw the lower portion of the torso as well as the legs.

Step 9
This is the final step in where you draw your shoes or, more accurately, the shoes of Jimbo Jones.

The character that is from Simpsons is available on our website. Send us your suggestions for other characters you’d like to draw to help us draw a lesson. To help us join us, sign up for our newsletter and give us your drawing lessons to share.

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