How To Draw Jessica Rabbit Step by Step

It is possible to refer to the easy step-by-step drawing instructions below.

How To Draw A Blue Rose Step by Step

Start by sketching the face of Jessica. Apply a slicked-back “S” form to draw a line around her hair. Create curved lines that define the forehead and the chin. Connect them with a tiny “C” shape line to the ears.

Step 2
Draw Jessica’s arms. Draw pairs of curly or straight lines, to sketch the lower and upper arms that are that are bent towards the elbows. Take note of how the lines join close to the wrist and elbow. Choose a curving hand for palm, and broad, long “U” form line for the fingers.

Step 3
Starting from the ears and extending to the shoulders, make use of long, curly hairlines to make Jessica’s bountiful hairstyle.

Step 4
Draw curving lines around the biceps to form the upper portion of your glove. Draw a long, curved line from the hairline to define the back. Connect them to your wrist with an elongated line. Define the back’s contour by drawing a curving line. Make use of a curving line to draw the triangular-shaped rounded shape of the chest. It is visible from the arms’ front. Draw a curving line across it to mark that the upper part of the dress.

Step 5
Make pairs of curves define the upper and lower arm. Join the lines on the wrist by a straight, short line.

Step 6
Draw a curving line down from both sides of the waistline to define the silhouette that the gown.

Step 7
Utilize the lines of a pair to draw a line around the legs. The lines should join at an angle at the top of the skirt, showing an cut into the skirt. Make sure to hug your feet and untie the laces on your heels. Draw the shoe with a line of straight and curving lines.

Step 8
Utilize a long, curved line to wrap the flowing skirt section in the gown. Draw lines that are curved along the back and front of the dress to show wrinkles in the fabric.

Step 9
A close-up of Jessica’s face. Utilize three curved lines which meet at gentle spots on either side of the face to close the eyes and the eyelids. The pupil is covered by a round part of the eye. Make three lines to shut the mouth. Use shorter, curved lines to mark the eyebrows and nose.

Step 10
Color Jessica Rabbit. She has an red dress as well as purple gloves. Also, she has hair in red.

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