Jesse Custer is the protagonist of the comic book series Preacher. He is a young pastor from a tiny city located in Annville, Texas, who was his own “vessel” for the supernatural being. As you’ve already figured out the story, today’s team will teach how to draw the art of drawing Jesse Custer.

Step 1
The most significant element of all of our lessons on the drawing is the first step, which is to sketch the Skeleton. Like in previous lessons, we’ll start by drawing the head, defining it as an easy oval. Then, we will draw the lines of the chest, spine, and pelvis, then arms and legs.

Step 2
The second phase is devoted in order to add more volume to the body. The first step is to “thicken” the neck, which then glides over into the body. Then, we draw lines of legs and arms by using simple geometric forms. Don’t forget to draw the lines that intersect across the faces of Jesse Custer.

Step 3
The third and most traditional part of the course is about Jesse Custer, in which we’ll focus on drawing the most fundamental details of our sketch. The first step we take is to sketch the specifics of the face as well as the outlines of the hair. Next, go towards the back and sketch the outline of the suit drawing very thin lines.

Step 4
We can now begin to draw the specifics that makeup Jesse Custer. Starting with the head, we slowly draw the eyes, nose, and mouth. Then, sketch the outline of the jaw using the help of a beard ears, eyes, and the disheveled hairstyles of the Preacher. Use the eraser to carefully erase any unnecessary guidelines off the head.

Step 5
Then, let’s look at the body that was worn by Jesse Custer, where we will sketch the specifics of the outfit. Begin by drawing the outline of the shoulders and the collar that form the jacket. Then, draw the outline of the shirt collar and tie. Cut out any guidelines that are not necessary and draw the required folds as well as buttonholes on the garment.

Step 6
Let’s draw our arms for Jesse Custer. In continuation of the shoulder lines, we draw the outline for the sleeves making sure to include all folds. At the same time then, we draw the hands (to find out more information about this, check out our guide on drawing hand drawings).

Step 7
In this phase, we’ll complete drawing the model that is Jesse Custer. As you see, in this step we’ll sketch the legs. By using long lines, draw the lines of the pants. Take into account the various folds in the cloth. At the same time, we draw the shoes and then remove any unwanted lines from the sketch of the Preacher.

Step 8
Now, it’s time to draw shadows. This will create the Jesse Custer look more voluminous. First, we must determine where light comes from to create shadows in areas with the lowest light. Shadows are usually drawn using thick hatching.

As you can see, we sketched Jesse Custer from the TV series, however, with this drawing guide, it is possible to sketch Preacher from the comics. This drawing tutorial could be helpful if would like to draw another person, as the concepts in this lesson can be used to draw any character.


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