We’ve drawn the principal characters from the show American Dad, and decided to begin drawing important secondary characters. In this tutorial, we’ll try to teach how to draw what to draw Jeff Fischer – a quite bizarre guy who is also the husband of Hayley Smith.

Step 1
First, we draw out the eyes using two circles. Then, draw a sharp and sharp nose.

Step 2
An extremely simple process where we draw pupils and eyelids in form of dots.

Step 3
With a curved line, draw the cheeks, with the mouth curved into an expression of a smile. Don’t forget to draw lines for a mustache.

Step 4
We raise our heads a bit higher and make a line on our forehead, hair, and eyebrows using the help of curly lines.

Step 5
A simple process that involves drawing an elongated goat beard and neck.

Step 6
A little below, draw an outline of a collar, shoulders, and short sleeves.

Step 7
Draw your arms out and draw the line that runs across Jeff Fischer’s shirt.

Step 8
By using long and slightly curved lines, you can draw your pants and proceed to the final step.

Step 9
Then, in the final step, it is necessary to draw the sneakers as well as lines over the shoes, as in the image below.

This lesson was like we stated earlier, we sketched an unimportant character. We would like to draw all of the characters that are important to American Dad and other popular animated shows. Do you want to see it on the 3dvkarts pages? Tell us about it in the comments section of this article.

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