how to draw jeans

In this drawing guide, the team from will teach how to draw jeans. the steps to draw jeans. This is a popular garment that you’ll definitely see when drawing the real world or characters in comic books.
For instance, Captain America is known to wear T-shirts and jeans.


Step 1

In the beginning, we draw an extended trapezoid. Put this figure in the middle of the paper. It can be placed at the bottom of the paper if you draw the jeans on any person.




Step 2

Draw an elongated, long triangle that is located at the bottom of the image. The triangle is supposed to divide the monolithic figure in the final stage into two legs.




Step 3

We try to paint with realistic fashion, aren’t we? Jeans aren’t able to be a perfect line with edges. an unintentionally smooth line. So, we the lateral edges to create a smoother look as in our example.




Step 4

Then we will continue with the drawing tutorial on how you can draw the jeans. Make small folds along the lower leg’s bottom. Make adjustments to the edges at the bottom to create a more rounded appearance.




Step 5

Let’s create a vertical line across the belt’s area. Parallel to this, we’ll put a fly in the area and an anchor. Don’t forget to draw two Oblique lines like in our example.




Step 6

We are still working on folds. It’s very easy since folds are just lines. Additionally, we sketch the contours of the pockets as well as a pair of folded oblique folds within the groin region.





We take out all the unnecessary lines on our jeans. And we only leave the lines that are necessary for pockets and folds of the fabric.




Step 8

Utilize the standard dark blue paint to color the jeans. Apply subtle shadows to the knees and interior of your legs. The jeans can be colored not just in blue, but also in any color hue, be it red, black, or green.




We believe that it was a breeze for us, and every one of our readers was able to master drawing jeans. If you’re looking to become an actual professional designer of clothing, check out our category, titled Clothes. You will be taught how you can draw gloves, dresses, boots, and many more. If you follow our social media channels you’ll be informed of the latest instructions coming to

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