We have a new drawing tutorial for Mortal Kombat. We are aware that many of our readers love Mortal Kombat, so today’s drawing tutorial will show you how to draw Jax.

Step 1
Let’s begin with a stickman. This is the figure that will denote the main proportion, posture, and position of the character on our paper sheet. We will first outline Jax’s head as an oval. Next, we will draw the lines for his body. Be aware of his posture: he is straight with straight arms, straight legs, and the torso in half turn. He then faces us.

In the theory, human growth equals seven or eight heads. Its position is very similar Sonya Blade pose that we have previously drawn.

Step 2
Let’s start with Jax’s silhouette. First, mark his head with a few lines. One denotes vertical symmetry and the other – is the eyeliner.

Draw the cylinder with a short neck under the head. Next, draw light lines to outline the contours and waist of the body. Use ovals to outline the shoulders in the upper body. The shoulders indicate bulky upper arms, and forearms that taper to the wrists.

Next, draw the pelvis in triangles. From there, we will draw our legs. Draw your thighs so that they expand towards the middle. Then draw the shins, which narrow at the ankles.

Step 3
This step is very short, especially when compared to the previous one. We will now draw the guidelines for the face. Here is the markup from top to bottom of the face.

hair line;
A line that indicates the position of your eyebrows
Eye line drawn (already drawn);
The nose line;
Mouth line
This step is important because it allows you to erase lines from your face later.

Step 4
Draw the contour of your nose using the markup from several previous steps. It is slightly concave in the middle. Draw the contour of the lips under the nose. The lower lip should be wider than the upper.

Use bold strokes to outline the eyes. They should be closer to your nose than the temples. But don’t overdo it. The contours of your ears are drawn here. Don’t forget to draw Jax’s haircut contours.

Step 5
This is the final version of Jax’s face. Next, draw the facial features using a smooth curving shape.

The right side of the nose goes in the direction of the eyebrows by drawing thin, curvy lines. Circle the eyes, nose, mouth, mustache, and mouth. Make sure to circle the lines around your face.

Step 6
Next, we will draw below (as usual we draw details from the top down). Draw the following elements: neck and Adam’s Apple. Then circle trapezoid muscle circles that connect the neck and shoulders. As large, strong plates, draw the chest muscles. Draw the arms that include deltoids, biceps, triceps, and forearms.

We also outline the contours of the fingers in this step. If your drawing is similar, you can proceed to the next step.

Step 7
As shown in the example, remove any excess guidelines from Jax’s torso. Circle the lines of your torso. Draw six cubes of abdominals and broad pecs. Draw the obliques along the sides of your abdominals.

We want to remind everyone that we have a tutorial on how to draw Goro.

Step 8
We continue our lesson and tell you how to draw Jax in Mortal Kombat. You can remove the extra lines around the arms.

These contours should be marked with confident and clear lines. Draw transverse lines around the arms. In our example, don’t forget to mention that Jax’s arms are made of steel and look like the tentacles from Doctor Octopus.

Step 9
The legs are not as extraordinary as the arms. Draw the belt with pockets. Note the fasteners. Next, erase any extra lines around the pelvis and circle the contours for the black areas of the pants of Jax.

Also, draw lines in the black areas on the shins. Draw simple lines to mark the location of your knees, and then draw the laces or soles of combat boots.

Step 10
The final stage is where we add shadows. As always, we first define the source of light and then add shadows to those areas that do not receive it.

Remember that shadows are drawn in two stages. First, we outline shadow areas and then we paint over them. Classic hatching is used to add shadows to Jax. Darken your hair and the areas of the pants.

It was a lesson on the Mortal Kombat universe. We have lessons for all characters from this universe (Scorpion, Johnny Cage, and Raiden).

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