How to draw japan anime girl Step by Step -

How to draw japan anime girl Step by Step

How to draw japan anime girl Step by Step

It is possible to refer to the basic step-by step drawing guide that follows

How To Draw Danny Phantom Step by Step

Step 1

There are shortcuts to follow in the video tutorial. Draw a circle that intersects lines for eye and the nose. Long-winded talk to her neck. Draw the shoulder, torso , and hips. Draw the outline using #2 pencil. Make sure you make it easy to erase.

Step 2

Click on the picture to find out the exact location to draw the tiny lines and spikes in her hair. Closely look at her face and notice the places where her eyes, eyebrows and jawline appear. The sixth step shows her fan that covers her lips and chin.

Step 3

Draw her hair and bangs. Please draw gently.

Step 4

Draw the opposite face of the hair. Check out how they connect to the principles.

Step 5

Take your time when drawing this image as you have to observe the way that her hair is tied in ponytail. Keep in mind how the front and the top of her head are connected to the basic principles. Don’t forget the collar, shoulders and wrinkles around her shoulders.

Step 6

I was thinking that this lady might be able to help me with her locks. Check out the flow! This is the fan that protects her lips and hands, along with sleeves and even her hair band. You can draw this portion.

Step 7

Now, you can draw your Kimono the waistband as well as her sleeves.

Step 8

The last thing to do is to draw the bow tie, and then swirling it in the hair. It is now possible to remove the rules if you didn’t already done so.

Step 9

Your drawing could look similar to this, or you could create your own. Now you can add color to your image using the medium of your choice.

Step 10

This is the primary color combination for The Anime girl. This step will give you some tips for sketching or drawing the character of an anime.

Step 11

It’s helpful to know the various positions of the head to create a successful drawing. I noticed that the top of the head of the anime is larger than the lower half of the face has almost one third of the head’s size. Then the nose is not visible and the chin is directed. This is the most basic version of anime.

Step 12

With a more real-looking eye there are different ways of drawing correctly and incorrectly. If you examine the drawing closely you’ll see these essential rules remain in the majority of anime illustrations. (1) Make the eyes’ outline with an offset. Do not insert the tear ducts into the eye. (2) The eye’s iris is covered slightly by the eyelid’s upper part. Do not draw the complete circular iris inside your eye. (3) There always is a pink, skin-like membrane that lies near to the surface of your eye (sclera). The eye’s iris appears to be floating on the membrane not touching the edge on the lid’s bottom. Don’t draw the iris close to the cover’s bottom. (4) Eye catchers that are normal feature a point between the top and the bottom. They are placed at an angle of 180 degrees. Top light appears bigger than the bottom one. Another tip: SCLERA does not have white eyes. It’s an ethereal gray hue due to the fact that the eye is recessed to the socket. The upper eyelid produces shadows that cover the iris. The highlight of the iris does not always occur located at the point of the cap’s top.

Step 13

Here are some female eyes’ expressions during this process. Try drawing them to see how much fun it is to experience that feeling of joy. Pay attention to the angle of the eyelashes, as well as the shape of your eyes. Do not forget to add flash, a very popular in anime.

Step 14

The height of the female body in anime typically is around seven heads. The head is directed and the eyes are big The nose is small and the mouth appears oval or round when open. The image below shows 360 degrees of the female model.

Step 15

This is a fascinating analysis of female body forms. A girl’s personality could be BANANA (thin) or Apple (wider on top) and PEAR (wider in the hips) and hourglass (curvy or well-shaped – hips equal bust and is very slim at the waist ) .

Step 16

You can sketch your very own anime girl, then show her personality and personality with these basic body forms. Here are some intriguing physiques that these people have. Are you able to recognize these characters?

Step 17

Without lighting, we are an empty subject. Overhead lighting is the thing that makes Anime Girl so interesting. The red arrows represent the direction of light. The blue arrows represent shadows caused by hair hands, arms, and folds of her Kimono. There are three light sources that highlight certain features on the face. DRAMATIC is produced with overhead lights. This could be sun at midday or intense moonlight. The MYSTERIOUS effect results by light shining above or below the skin, similar to holding a torch or candle. The effect can be frequently in noir and graphic novels. CONVENTIONAL is most popular. It is produced by a 45-degree angle of light positioned on the side, over the subject, and slightly to the left.

Step 18

The last but not least I’m going to demonstrate how fantastic pencils can be. It is possible to get the same results with the regular pencil. 2 pencil. The first photo illustrates how to hold your pencil Overhand (great to write and specifics) as well as Underhand (great to shade vast areas using broad strokes). It is possible to practice tone shading, and then take it one step further by doing this Tone Exercise. I’m going to close now. Please let me know your opinion about this tutorial. I would love to hear from you. Comment, like, or click “Love it,” to show your appreciation! Love and hugs to all of you!

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