In this drawing instruction, we’ll show the steps to sketch Jango Fett of Star Wars. Much like Bob, his son Bob, Jango became a famous character, even though we could only see him for moments on screen.


Step 1

We begin by looking at our sketch and taking note of the fundamental characteristics of the figure. It is best to employ a stickman for this kind of drawing. The head of our character is large (due to helmets) and shorter stature. The character’s head is tilted slightly forward, and because of this, the growth is smaller. In general, the size of our character from this view is a total length of 5.5 and 6 heads.

Hands are Obtuse angles. The legs are the only ones with a bend of joint knees.



Step 2

The pelvis and chest by two lines that are gentle curves. The goal is to get an upper torso that slowly tapers down. Then we draw two parallel lines across the head. This horizontal line that is the eye lies just above the middle. The line is a smooth curve.


Step 3

Let’s look at the arm contours. Like in the previous tutorial on Boba Fett, we don’t observe the muscles that are raised and the anatomy that the muscle has. Due to the costume, the hands of our hero are shaped like cylinders and huge balls. The forearms have a slight diminution downward. The fingers are depicted by two cones that are on opposite parts of your palm.


Step 4

We can now create a volumetric silhouette for the legs. The hips exhibit a gradual narrowing toward the knee joints, which look like two huge balls. The shin expands initially and then tapers sharply toward the distal.


Step 5

We can now sketch out his outline and the helmet for the bounty hunter. We concentrate on the outline of the head and sketch an armor that expands and forms an obtuse incline. In the hips and shoulders from Jango Fett, we trace the outline of the light plates. A belt with a lower belt is a holster that is equipped with a gun.


Step 6

Create a gap in the helmet. It has a T-shape. It is important to note that the sides of the helmet from this perspective are sharply curved. The upper and horizontal edges with smooth curved lines that are lateral. Don’t forget to include the small antenna attached to the helmet.


Step 7

In this next step, we will draw the defense within the physique of Jango Fett. It appears to be four plates, between which gaps. At the point at which the plates all meet, a tiny hexagon is situated.


Step 8

The toughest part of this step is finger drawing. We will teach you a tutorial on the process in actuality. Also, we draw protection for the forearms and shoulders. When the elbow bends, there are folds of the tissue.


Step 9

In the pelvic region, we can see a protective pad and a belt with a lower height that has a holster that holds weapons placed across both sides. The legs and hips are small parts of the armor. Be aware of important trifles like folds in fabric or a bottom hem.


Step 10

Let’s apply some gentle shadows. Begin by drawing your contours around the area you want to shade. Then, we shade the areas that we want to shade with light single-layer hatching. Beware of bright shadows as the drawing will appear to be drawn that are comic-style.


Step 11

This is the result of our lesson on drawing Jango Fett. We hope that you will get an even more awesome image.


It was a drawing manual for drawing Jango Fett of Star Wars. This holiday season we’ve put together two additional lessons for people who are fans of this cult space-based saga.


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