How To Draw Jack Skellington -

How To Draw Jack Skellington

How To Draw Jack Skellington

There are so many Christmas movies to watch around Christmas, but A Nightmare Before Christmas is one of my favorites!

Although it may not look like a Christmas movie, that is exactly what made it stand out from the rest and won many fans all over the globe.

Jack Skellington, the King of Halloween, is the lead character in this movie. This character is characterized by a very cool skeleton design. It can be a lot of fun to learn how Jack Skellington can be drawn.

This guide will show you how to create this iconic character in celebration of the film.

This step-by-step guide will show you how to draw Jack Skellington.

1st Step:

Jack Skellington’s most distinctive feature is his name. He is a living, breathing skeleton!

This is why we’ll start with Jack Skellington’s skull head as the first step in our guide to drawing Jack Skellington.

First, draw the skull’s face. To give the eyes some attitude, draw some curves.

Next, add more lines between them to emphasize his facial expression. Finally, draw two dots below them for his nose.

We will then draw his smiling mouth. This can be done by connecting two straight lines. To make the mouth look like teeth, draw small lines that poke out from the top and bottom.

2nd Step:

Once you have drawn Jack Skellington’s face, you can now draw his head outline in the Jack Skellington part.

His head is divided into two halves. One curve runs from the top to the bottom.

Draw two lines that run down from the top of his head. These will create his neck. Next, we will make the collar of the outfit. The center will have a small circular shape that will act as a broach between the wings.

We will create the collar of our friend’s bat wings-like shape by using curved lines. You are now ready to move on to step 3.

3rd Step:

His head is now complete. In , our guide on drawing Jack Skellington will show you how to draw his arms.

We will start with his arms. We will use straight and curved lines to create them. The left arm will be raised while the right one will be bent to his side.

Next, draw his jacket and chest with more rounded lines. You can now proceed once it looks like the reference image.

4th Step:

We will be drawing Jack Skellington’s skeletal hands for this section of Jack Skellington’s Jack Skellington drawing. We will use several segments to draw his hands because his hands are skeletal.

The left arm will have a raised hand, while the right one will be curled so that it is against his waist.

We have just a few details to add to the next step of our guide, now that both his hands are drawn.

5th Step:

We have some final elements that we need to add to your picture before we can add color.

We will first draw his legs, which will be slightly crossed. You will use slightly curved lines for the legs.

We will then finish by adding some waves to his coattails, which will flow behind him.

You can then add your own elements or details to complete your picture. You can draw background details from your favorite movie scene or add characters you love from the movie.

These are just some ideas, but there are many other options.

6th Step:

In this last step, we will finish your Jack Skellington drawing by adding some colors. We will use some shades of gray to color Jack, as shown in the reference image.

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