How To Draw Jack Skelington

How To Draw Jack Skelington

Step one:

For the initial step in the first step, all you have to do is draw a circle around the jack’s face. Try to make the circle as round as you can however, it’s okay to draw it if it’s not perfect because it is impossible to draw a perfect circle.

Step two:

This is an optional process however, should you not feel at ease doing this without the aid of a graph, you are able to draw one. Remember, he’s standing straight in this picture So make sure that the graph depicts him as the same thing.

Step three:

In this stage during this stage, you must draw the facial expressions of your character. All you need to draw is the eyes which consist of circles as well as his mouth and nostrils. To create his smile, you just draw a line that is curved and then draw all the lines that are on the mouth. You also need to make sure you draw the neck of his.

Step four:

Next, you must create your bowtie. To do this it is necessary to draw a triangle underneath his neck, and then draw three lines from it. Also, you need to draw additional triangles above the initial one to create ears. and then draw two circles within the first triangle , to make eyes.

Step five:

We are nearly finished with this. the final thing that we must do is to join the lines we traced on the bat head-like part of the bowtie so that they create the appearance of bat wings. Once you have this done you can outline and color your image and then you’re completed. I hope you enjoyed this tutorial. Please take note of the terrible pictures since this was my first attempt at a tutorial. I’m sure they’ll improve as I learn how to make use of the website better.

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