How to Draw Jack Nicholson the Shining

How to Draw Jack Nicholson the Shining

Step 1:

We will draw the forms for the head, neck, and torso.

Step 2:

Next, trace Jack’s uneven face. Then draw the outline of Jack’s ears and the hairline.

Step 3:

You can simply form your brows by using thick, bold eyebrows. This will eventually sweep over your eyes. Then, add the crease line to the forehead.

Step 4:

Finish the eyes. Next, add colored pupils to the nose.

Step 5:

Next, draw out your mouth and teeth. Then add the unshaven whisker hair to the jawline.

Step 6:

The head will be completed in full detail. You will only need to draw the hairstyle, and then add details inside the ears.

Step 7:

This is where we’ll tackle the drawing of the upper body, which includes shoulders, arms and sleeves, as well as his hands. You can add details to the shirt or hands.

Step 8:

Draw the handle of the axe that he holds and the head of the blunt blade.

Step 9:

Finish Jack Torrance and Jack Nicholson by drawing the legs, shoes, and the rest of Jack’s upper body. Add the cuffs and seam lines to the pants. Make sure to erase any mistakes and use the guides as a guide to finish the drawing.

Step 10:

Here’s Jack and how he will look when you are done. You can color him in or leave Jack as he is.

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