How to Draw Jabba the Hutt Step by Step

The basic step-by-step drawing guide that follows

Step 1

Jabba the Hutt is an extremely constructed character, so it is important to show the same in your drawing. Draw a large circle around the center of his body. Next, draw a mound-like shape on top of his physique. Then, add the guidelines on the face. Then, add the limbs and tail.

Step 2

You will now outline the slanted outline of his eyes, and his nostrils that are slanted. Then, add the shape of his arms, and then draw the length of his tail in the manner you can see in this picture.

Step 3

Then you’ll begin to outline the wrinkled form of his body. You will then draw a line around his mouth. You will then outline all the lines that run across his chest, and finally his mouth. Include the eyeball, and finally his finger-like short shape. Then, draw the remainder of his tail when it moves towards the inside. Draw a cloth, lying on top of his body, squalid in the insanity.

Step 4

This is the final sketching step. As we can tell, you’ll begin sketching out the intricate lines which create Jabba appear disgusting. Make sure you include all the folds and wrinkles across his body leaving his middle stomach fat. Below its tail, there are circular suction holes, similar to holes. Once you’ve finished this step, you’ll be able to begin erasing the basic patterns and designs you sketched in the first step to tidy and tidy up the job.

Step 5

After you’ve completed the drawing, the Star Wars character that you created will look similar to the one you can see in this image. All you need to do is color it and you’ll be done with this instruction on drawing Jabba Hutt. Hutt of Star Wars step by step. Drawing Star Wars characters is fun and once you’ve completed it you’ll always be happy.

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