Today, we decided to return to the subject of Marvel Comics. We remembered that we’d previously drawn the heroes of the Fantastic Four. But we’ve not drawn Sue Storm. So we decided to correct the problem. Now you can get instructions on drawing Invisible Woman step by step Let’s get started!

Step 1

Then, sketch the head. In this instance, the head appears to be an ordinary oval. Then we sketch a neck that runs to the right of the spine. In the line, we draw the pelvis and chest. Remember that women’s hips are wider than men’s and shoulders are broader than those of males. After this step, you need to sketch the legs and arms with the aid of normal lines.



Step 2

At the beginning of this section, we draw two lines crossing inside the contour of the face. After that, we sketch the neck as a form of the Cylinder.

When you’ve completed drawing the lines of the neck and head then you can move on to the body. We draw a torso. This is a significant narrowing of the pelvis and then widens to the hips. Then, draw outlines of the hands and arms. Draw legs that expand in the hips, and narrow at the knees.


Step 3

It’s time to sketch the facial traits that makeup Sue Storm. Draw the eyes that look like almonds. Above the eyes, draw the narrow and curly eyebrows. Below, we draw the nose that is made up of very simple lines.

Draw the mouth, which is easy to draw. The first step is to draw the mouth’s line Then draw the line that runs between the upper lip and lower lip using an arced line.


Step 4

In this stage, we get working on all the details. Take care to draw the hairs of Our Invisible Woman. We then sketch out the contours of her face. Draw the eyes using pupils eyes, eyebrows, nose, and lips. Make sure to draw the ears and remove any unnecessary head-based guidelines.


Step 5

Let’s now move to the body. By using smooth, clear lines, we draw the Fantastic Four logo, breast and chest contours, as well as the contours that define the chest, and the ribs. Remember to draw the Musculus the rectus abdomens. Additionally, take care to sketch all the specifics of your clothing and remove any unnecessary guidelines off the body.


Step 6

Now let’s look at your character’s arms. Similar to the earlier step, using clean and dark lines, trace the arm’s contours and take into consideration the curves of the uniform. Draw the hands (in order to understand more about this, make sure to check out this article on drawing hand shapes).


Step 7

Let’s move down a bit and draw the pelvis and belt region. Then, using a combination of dark lines and curving lines, we will draw the final leg contours. Make a couple of lines within the legs, and outline the knees and the shoes. Don’t forget to make a few folds to the boots.


Step 8

The final step is to draw shadows and in this stage, we will draw shadows. This adds a sense of realism to the drawing and gives the drawing a more polished look. In the beginning, we have to draw the contours of shadows. Then paint the shadows black. If you want to draw shadows that are lighter make use of thick hatching.

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