How To Draw Inuyasha Step by Step

It is possible to refer to the easy step-by-step drawing instructions below.

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Step 1

First things first. Draw the outline of the head using the help of a small circle. Then, draw an interesting swirl that flows off the side that is left of the head. Then, draw an outline of his neck and then draw the entire outline of the body. In the image below the two lines I’ve drawn which look like an enormous “T”, which will aid in drawing out his legs as well as other details of the cape the man is wearing. The last procedure is drawing two lines to represent the ankles or legs.

Step 2

The first thing you’ll do during this stage is sketch or draw his front hairstyle. The front portion of the hair I prefer to refer to as the bangs. Once you have drawn them out hair, you can then make his face appear more rounded with an angled chin and square jaw. After that sketch the necklines, and begin detailing and outlining the folds and wrinkles on the suit that Hitoe InuYasha wears constantly.

Step 3

This is in which you draw the facial features of your subject. Begin by drawing the eyes. The drawing of Manga eyes is a easy task to draw. I even sent you a video instruction on drawing Manga eyes in case you’re struggling to do it. The next step is drawing lines of hair falling over his shoulders at the front. Then draw the ears, which are over his head. Let’s sketch out the outline of his arms crossing and the hands interspersed within his sleeves. Then, draw the shape of the foot. I’ve always struggled in drawing arms and legs. I’m still able to draw them by hand but when drawing the legs and arms on a person I’m often sketching and erasing lots.

Step 4

In this stage the task sketches,, and more sketch. You will outline and recognize the Hitoe completely. Begin by sketching more hair along the back’s left. You will then begin sketching the collar’s lining. Then, you’ll detail the dress using simple folds and creases until the sketch looks like the picture above.

Step 5

Before you move on then, you must begin erase all the rules and shapes you created in the first step. A suggestion for you is to begin deleting guidelines when you decide that you do not need any more or don’t provide any advice. For instance, if you have a face guideline but your face has already been drawn in, begin eliminating the lines after your face first becomes completed. This means you don’t have to erase all lines at the same time. The top left of the InuYasha’s head, outline the remainder of her hair that flows along the sides. This is the largest piece that is visible. Draw the outline of the details of the neck area as well as along the sleeves hanging down like you see. Sketch his claws in the form of toenails and toes.

Step 6

After you’ve cleaned your sketch up, you’ll likely have something that looks like the one above. This isn’t too bad. Your sketch of this well-known cartoon character is complete. Color him in and add your collection of anime. This should be enough to follow this step-by-step InuYasha drawing instruction.

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