How To Draw Indominus Rex From Jurassic World

Below is a step-by-step drawing tutorial.

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Step 1

It is easy to get started. A circle for your head, a circle around the lower jaw, and then a single guideline for your neck.

Step 2

Next, draw the upper jaw shape again. Make sure the border is solid. You can finish by drawing the lower jaw and lower jaw.

Step 3

Draw the opposite side of the topliner to create the 3/4 view. After that, you can add the blades to your drawing and then draw those razor-sharp teeth in.

Step 4

Continue to work on the face and head. Next, draw indentations around the muzzle. Finally, make small bead eyes. Once that is complete, draw indentations to the muzzle and then add small bead eyes.

Step 5

You can create neck wrinkles as well as some shoulder wrinkles. Once you are done, you can draw horizontal scales along the neck.

Step 6

Next, draw spikes along the neck and back of the head. Continue pulling the spikes down to the back. The ripple effect of the scales along the back and side of the neck will be painted. Make sure you learn from your mistakes so that you can finish this Jurassic World dinosaur.

Step 7

This is called line art. This dinosaur is now available to be colored.



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