How To Draw Ichigo (Hollow) Step by Step

It is possible to refer to the basic step-by step drawing guide that follows

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Step 1
Begin to build the wire framing the Hollow figure like you can see here. Begin with a circle for the head. Then, include guides for the shoulder, horns, face and torsos. Finally, add arms.

Step 2

Begin by sketching out the bony facial shape the one shown here. Then make the eyes with crossed eyes, similar to eyes. Make a lining for the nose , then move to step 3.

Step 3

What transformation will your Hollow transform into once this process is finished. The first step is draw the horns after which draw the mouth of the skeleton. Draw lines in ink then draw long hair that blows in the breeze. Then, draw outlines of arms and shoulders and add the hair patches or frizzy hair around the collarbone region.

Step 4

Keep drawing the slim form and body shape and outline the shape of the chest. Draw the arm’s outline using muscles and create a hollow in the upper middle of the chest. The spider should be colored in the same way as the chest design and then add feathers in between your arms.

Step 5

I believe you’re ready to complete this Hollow image, but what would you say? The only thing you have to do is draw the outline of the muscles of your abs and chest and finish drawing your long straight hair. Remove the guides and forms that you created in step one to tidy the sketch, and then move to the next line art step to determine the way your sketch will look.

Step 6

When you’re finished the character will look exactly like the one shown here. Color it, and you’ve created the Hollow of your dreams. Well done everyone!

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