How to Draw Ice

Encyclopedia Britannica describes ice “solid water” as it is well-known that water or water vapor can turn into ice at temperatures below 32 degrees Fahrenheit or zero degrees Celsius. How does this feat occur?

Water molecules are always moving. They move slower as the liquid cools.

The molecules stick to each other as the motion slows down, and also to the crystal-seed particles in the water. Ice is formed when they align in a crystal formation.

Did you know that water can become as cold as -40 degrees Celsius? Water can freeze to -40 degrees Celsius under certain conditions and still remain a liquid.

This phenomenon is called super-cooling. You must ensure that the water is extremely pure and has a smooth surface.

Ice forms naturally in the Arctic and Antarctic regions. It also forms on top of mountains and in temperate areas that experience the winter season. Ice is often associated to creatures like polar bears or penguins.

However, Ice Cubes are often used as a symbol for summer and can be found in drinks such as soda, iced tea or lemonade.

How would you like to draw an ice cube ? This step-by-step tutorial will show you how to draw a  ice cube. You will only need a pencil, crayon, marker, crayon, or pen and a sheet paper.

How to Draw Ice Step-By-Step

1st Step:

Begin by drawing the imperfect cube. Draw the sides using curved lines and ensure that the corners are rounded.

How to Draw Ice

2nd Step:

Complete the cube by drawing a parallelogram on the top. Use curved lines, and make sure they meet at rounded corners.

How to Draw Ice

3rd Step:

To divide the cube’s front from its sides, draw a curve. Draw curves along the bottom corner and top sides.

How to Draw Ice

4th Step:

To give the appearance of three-dimensionality, draw more curves along the edges. Draw intersecting curves across the top and bottom corners to create cracks in ice.

How to Draw Ice

5th Step:

To texture the ice, draw a pair of curved and short lines. To indicate water droplets as the ice melts, draw a U-shaped line across the face.

How to Draw Ice

6th Step:

You can draw wavy lines that form a “Y” shape along the three faces of the cube. These lines will outline the bottom, back and far sides as seen through translucent ice.

How to Draw Ice

7th Step:

Another “U”-shaped line should be drawn to indicate another droplet. To form the puddle of melting water around the cube, draw a long, wavy line.

How to Draw Ice

8th Step:

To outline the puddle, continue to draw a long curve.

How to Draw Ice

9th Step:

Use a curve line to complete the puddle. To form another melting droplet, draw a curve on the side the ice cube. Use curved lines to create ripples around the corners. Next, place several oval-shaped drops of water outside the puddle.

How to Draw Ice

10th Step:

Your ice cube can be colored. Ice can be clear, blue or white.

How to Draw Ice



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