Hello dear artists. In this drawing class, we’ll show the students ways to draw skating ice. If you’ve studied this drawing lesson, you’ll be able to see that skates drawn on ice are drawn nearly exactly the same way that shoes can be drawn however there is a slight difference that includes that there are blades.

Step 1
Then, you must sketch the basic outline of skates as we did in the class regarding shoes or boots. It’s not difficult to attempt to draw it.

Step 2
Let’s look at the major distinction between skates and regular skates’ blades. Draw them with simple lines.

Step 3
Let’s include a few general points. Draw the skate’s tongues as well as the heel and edge of the blades.

Step 4
Let’s get started on the finer details. By using clear lines and smooth lines, trace out the blades as well as even the skate’s sole.


Step 5
The lesson continues on drawing skates on ice In this part we will continue working on the finer details. Draw the seams, the tip as well as the rear of skates.

Step 6
This is a step that appears to be complex, but it’s not as difficult. Be careful when drawing the tongues and the lacing as illustrated in the illustration.

Step 7
Then we came to the end of the guide on skates. By using hatching, we can create shadows on our ice skate sketch.

So, here we drew skates. With this drawing class, you’ll be able to draw skates not just but also skates that roll and even normal shoes. Also, don’t forget to follow our social media channels and show our drawing lessons to your circle of friends.


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