On our website, there are numerous characters from Futurama and we’ll continue the discussion and demonstrate the art of drawing Amy Wong.

Step 1
Begin by sketching out the outline of a head that is round, as well as the contours of the chest, neck, pelvis, and waist.

Step 2
In this stage, we will need to create legs and arms that have simple geometric designs. Remember that the lines need to be extremely light.

Step 3
With the aid of dark and clear lines, draw the outline of eyes with almond shapes. At the same time, we draw eyelashes and pupils.

Step 4
We will continue to draw the details of the face of Amy Wong. We will now have to draw a smiley mouth and a row of teeth.

Step 5
With the aid of dark and long lines, draw a unique and distinctive hairstyle for our character. At the same time, it is necessary to draw an ear.

Step 6
It’s a simple step that we’ll need to take off the neck and put on a cover, which is placed on the shoulders.

Step 7
We move down a bit lower and precisely draw the outline of the sleeves and torso. Then you need to sketch hands as well as hands that are clenched.

Step 8
With the aid of straight and clear lines, draw an outline for the legs and the hips as shown in the illustration below.

Step 9
This is the final stage is where we have to draw the lower portion of the legs, and some huge boots. Also, don’t forget to erase any lines that are not necessary.

The drawing tutorial for the next character in the Futurama universe is now available on our website. If you want to learn to draw different characters, check out our “Cartoons” category on 3dvkarts There you can find not just characters from Futurama as well as other animated shows.


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