How to draw Hopper from Stranger Things

How to draw Hopper from Stranger Things

Step 1:

As we do every time, start with the shapes and guidelines. Hopper will only have his head and body to draw. There will be no action poses as he’s just standing there, his hand still waiting for his revolver. For now, draw two circles, then follow the guidelines for body, face and limbs.

Step 2:

Define Chief Hopper’s facial shape and use a jagged lining to match his rough personality. To create the unshaven face, draw the lining and outline the mouth.

Step 3:

This step will begin by drawing thick, bold, long eyebrows with a bitter or rotten expression. To add character and age, don’t forget to draw the forehead lines.

Step 4:

Let’s draw Chief Hopper’s hat. It’s not that different from a regular hat. The scuff marks can be added to the top.

Step 5:

To create Chief Hopper’s pose, draw the arms and shoulders. Next, draw the sleeve, hand and outer lining of opposite arm. The details can be added to the button-up shirt.

Step 6:

Finally, draw the lower body. Make sure to add seam lines and stitching for the belt and pants. You can then erase all mistakes.

Step 7:

This is how chief hopper will look when you’re done. That’s all.

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