How to Draw Homer Simpson

This lesson will teach you how to draw Homer Simpson, one of America’s most significant heroes.

We will use everything we know from “The Simpsons” to help us draw the picture. The character is not based on strict lines and corners. This makes it easy to draw and fun! This is a nice addition to any collection.

You will need a pencil, paper, an eraser, or a graphing pencil to begin the lesson on drawing Homer Simpson.


How to draw Homer Simpson

Step 1 – Draw Homer Simpson’s Eyes

Let’s begin with the eyes. Place two equal-sized circles in the upper right corner of a picture. The pupils will be the dots within. Homer can be seen rolling his eyes as he tries to find you.




Step 2: Draw the Mouth, Nose, and Mouth of Homer

Draw the nose and upper portion of your mouth further down. Remember Simpson’s funny and bulging shapes?




Step 3 – Draw the top of the head

It is possible. Fine. Draw an oval around the eyes. As you can see the Homer image is becoming more prominent. Don’t create sharp corners. The oval of your head should be smooth and not too long.




Step 4: Draw the Chin and Ear

Finalize the initial image for Homer Simpson’s head. Draw the ear. Draw two lines that are barely visible on the auricle. Make the second ear on the opposite side of your head. Create the chin by creating a straight line that runs from the nose to the end.




Step 5: Draw your hair and neck

To maintain the integrity of the image, add a few more strokes. Draw a letter M above your ear. Next, draw two semicircles at the top of your head – this is Homer’s hairstyle. Two straight lines should be drawn around the neck.




Step 6 – Draw the Polo of Homer Simpson’s Top

Homer Simpson is wearing a white polo which signifies it’s time for us to dress up our characters. The collar should be drawn with straight lines and the shoulder should have a semicircle. Be sure that the clothes fit Homer’s head.




Step 7 – Draw your Fingers

You must mark the far shoulder with the sleeve. We will do the exact same thing with the near shoulder. Draw three thick fingers in front of you. Ideally, your fingers should clasp the shoulder.




Step 8 – Draw your arms

We now need to show the position of crossed arms. The semicircle lines that run from one arm to the other are “hideous” underneath the other. You’re done! You can check if Homer crossed his arms while you’re creating your artwork.




Step 9 – Draw Homer’s Polo Bottom

Homer Simpson was never a slimmer person, so this will be taken into consideration when we draw the belly. The shape of Homer Simpson’s round figure should be created by two lines at the edges. The bottom line will define the boundary of Homer’s belly. This “goes” into his loose pants.




Step 10 – Draw your legs

Let’s get on to the pants. The pants are simple. One line is drawn in a large semicircle. The other is barely visible. Three more lines run vertically. Homer’s legs will grow longer the lower you draw these three lines.




Step 11 – Draw your bottom of the pants

Almost everything is done. Draw two parallel lines at each end of the legs to create the cuffs. This will make Homer’s pants more fashionable.




Step 12 – Draw Homer Simpson’s Shoes

Leave a little! Draw boots. Repeat the lines until you see the low heel. The boots’ toes are rounded. Homer would approve if everything went as shown in the illustration.




Step 13 – Delete the Guidelines

Take out the unnecessary rules and you’ll be amazed at what you get. Homer Simpson is a man who loves his family. Your picture should show him as a chubby, funny-looking guy!




Step 14 – Color your Homer Drawing

You’re familiar with Homer Simpson’s colors if you’ve seen The Simpsons. As in the example, color the skin yellow and the area around the mouth light brown. Color the jeans blue and the boots gray-green.




Fine! It’s over Homer Simpson’s drawing lesson. Let’s go over all the details. Are all the details correct? You are on the right path if the character appears funny and similar to Homer Simpson’s TV series. We hope you found our mini-guide useful and able to bring out positive emotions.

What cartoons have you seen and which cartoon characters do you recommend we draw?

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