How To Draw Hollow Ichigo

How To Draw Hollow Ichigo

Step one:

The first step is to create an egg shape to form the head.

Step two:

After that, start sketching out the exact structure for Hollow Ichigo’s head in the same way as make sure you include the grooves that indicate the places where the teeth will be.

Step three:

Then, draw the teeth that are large and rounded, like the ones above. They must also be a bit of long.

Step four:

Then sketch the eye’s long and semi-open eye in the same way and apply some shading to the eye.

Step five:

You will now draw the jaw that is opening up. The bottom of the jaw appears small and rectangular.

Step six:

Then, draw in the lower row of teeth that will also be similar to the upper row of teeth.

Step seven:

You can clearly see, Ichigo’s face only shows a little bit to the side. Draw out the lining to create the cheeks and draw in the ear lobe . Finally, draw his wacky short hair.

Step eight:

Draw out the neck of your model Then draw the shirt line that forms part of the the torso. After you’ve completed this step, you can move on to step nine , which is the final drawing step.

Step nine:

The final drawing stage, you’ll first erase your mistakes, along with the rules. After that, you are able to draw every shard you are ripping across from the back of Ichigo.

Step ten:

You can color him and display the work you’ve done to your loved ones and family. Great work people.

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