Hello! We are back with a brand new post about the Marvel universe. We’ve created a tutorial on how to draw the character of a Hobgoblin! The supervillain of today is a vibrant and unique character. Most people remember him from the animated cartoon Spider-Man which was released in the 1990s. the character was drawn in excellent quality and had all the features needed, like pumpkin bombs the glider, the scary mask, and a cape of orange.

As an aside, in this cartoon, Hobgoblin was actually quite like the original Hobgoblin which was drawn in 1983 by John Romita, Jr. on. However, today we’ll draw the standard, classic version. Let’s begin the lesson and discover ways to draw this Hobgoblin!

Step 1
Let’s begin with the stickman – a man that is made from circles and sticks. This illustrates the fundamental dimensions of the character and his place on the piece of paper. Our hobgoblin should be extremely bent in his body. and the legs need to be bent. I’m guessing that our regular readers are familiar with the fundamental rules of proportions. The total length of the body is equal to the total lengths for the 7 heads of which 3.5 4-4.5 is the length of legs, according to the nature of the body.

Like other drawings, classes begin with the head and sketch an oval. After that, we sketch the line of your body by drawing very thin lines.

Step 2
The face of the evil hobgoblin and sketch out the contours of the cloth. Draw two parallel lines. One (the vertical) is used to indicate the symmetry in the face. It should be vertical and should be slightly tilted towards the direction of head rotation. The other line is horizontal which is the line of sight. Under the line of sight are put the mouth and nose lines.

Make use of light and smooth lines to trace the contours of the cape.

Step 3
Let’s begin adding “flesh” into the hobgoblin’s “bones” that make up Hobgoblin. We continue to add flesh We draw the outlines of the parts that are visible on the body. We also make the hands appear larger.

The most effective way to accomplish this is to display the body’s parts in simple geometric shapes like fists, elbows, and deltoids as balls, and arms as cylindrical shapes.

Step 4
We will continue working on the lessons on drawing Hobgoblin. Similar to the first step we draw the various areas of our bodies in the shape of simple geometric shapes.

Don’t overlook the vehicle of Hobgoblin the glider. Draw out the glider by using thin lines. The vehicle, incidentally, was borrowed from Green Goblin, which we sketched in another of our lessons.

Step 5
The silhouette is complete, we’ll begin adding the final details. The drawing will be in the direction of the head to the feet. Therefore begin at the head. Draw the faces contours which are much like a frightening mask.

Draw facial features like demonish semicircular eyes, a lengthy, hooked nose, and a mouth curving into a smile. When drawing the hood, be aware of the many folds along the sides and the fold that is situated in front of the neck’s tip.

Step 6
Then, draw marks on your mask. The first step is to draw a seam, situated in the region of the forehead. Draw vertical lines across the entire length of the brows. Then, proceed to folds.
Draw an outline of sharp teeth.

Step 7
Then we move to the right side of us. Before drawing this, you should draw a piece of the cloak inside the neck on the opposite side of us. Next, using the guidelines trace an outline for the shoulder and hand muscles. Then, go below and draw forearms, wearing a high glove.

In addition, the muscles of our hands were talked about a while ago in a class on the werewolf. Now, the glove – take note of how it has a significant expansion towards the elbow. This extension is accompanied by small pleats horizontally.

Step 8
The left hand is hidden from us and is easier to see, as we only look at the forearm and hand The rest of the hand is concealed in the cover. It is essential to correctly carry the folds on the glove as they can create the desired appearance. Don’t forget to folds that are located on the glove’s bottom within the wrist region.

Step 9
Draw the cape, or more precisely it’s the portion of the cape, that is hidden just behind your back. Then, trace the contours of your cape, and then add the folds of the fabric – those with the strongest folds are located on the shoulders. For drawing the folds, use gentle, precise lines.

Step 10
In this step, it is time to draw the torso and bag. Draw those lines on the body, and make some folds. Draw the straps that are mounted on various straps. Don’t forget to outline the buckle on the belt The bulk of it is concealed.

Step 11
Create the legs Hobgoblin. This part will be easy. Draw the lines on the legs. Also, do make sure to note the flap of your boot that is located in the calf muscle. Another aspect to consider is wrinkling. They aren’t huge wrinkles visible at the ankle and appear like small horizontal strokes.

Step 12
In the final phase, we draw the famous glider that is Hobgoblin. The wings of the gadget have similar shapes to a dragon’s wings. On the exterior of the wings are lines of smoothness that resemble veins that further enhance the resemblance. The most important thing to note is the horns that are mounted in the center of the glider. In front are three spots that should be identical to the ghostly face.

On the stage we place shadows. It will be done in a comical style. That is shadows will appear as rough, contrasting black lines and black spots

This was a drawing lesson developed by the team of Send your thoughts about the new lessons in the comment section of this article. Goodbye!

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