How To Draw Hitsugaya || Anime Boy

The easy step-by-step drawing instructions below.


Begin by drawing a circle around the head, and then outline the shape of the sides of your face. Draw the neck and then draw details of the neck and ears. You will then draw Hitsugaya’s hairstyle , which is very long and pointed. Draw long eyebrows and also the eyes. Give the face more definition by drawing the nostrils out and highlighting the lips and the ear’s inner.

Step 2
Let’s begin with real life. Draw a circle to represent the head. Then, lightly outline the face following the guidelines.

Step 3
Draw in the narrow form of Hitsugaya’s face in the same way Then, draw the top portion of his hair which is positioned over his forehead.

Step 4
Draw in a sharp manner to ensure that you draw the facial features in a heart-shaped shape, similar to the outline. After drawing the remainder of his hair in a wild style, draw the hair that falls onto the forehead.

Step 5
It’s almost time to draw Hitsugaya effortlessly. The only thing you need to do is to shape the neck and draw the shoulders in and collar lining of your Gi.

Step 6
Then we’ll draw Hitsugaya’s face. Begin by drawing facial guidelines Then draw slightly more eyebrows close to mid-way between the eyes. Draw the nose and mouth Then complete your eyes, filling the pupils and completing his expression. Eliminate the mistakes and the rules you created in step one until now.

Step 7
This is Hitsugaya after you’re finished. Color him now to complete the sketch. I’m sure you’ve all done fantastic job!

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