How To Draw Hinata From Naruto

How To Draw Hinata From Naruto

Step 1:

The first step is to look at some basic guidelines and shapes that will help you build the foundation that will form the basis of the Naruto character. Begin by drawing shape of the head and torso, and then the outline for shoulders and the face.

Step 2:

The face’s shape should be finished with the chin at the form of a delicate point. After that, do the hair, which are straight-lined bangs that are in chunks making sections. Make a sketch of the details at both ends of her pieces of bangs.

Step 3:

Utilize the facial guidelines to sketch out the eye shapes. Eyes are blank during this class, so don’t be concerned about pupils or anything. The upper lids must be dark and thick and eyebrows should be expressive. Then, give Hinata an eye before opening her mouth.

Step 4:

This is most likely the most difficult step since it requires making her hair. Hinata wears long hair that is straight. There is no curl within it. The strands must be drawn in sections with different thickness. There are shorter sections that rest on her shoulders, and her chest. Once you’ve completed sketching the hair, be sure to sketch the details too.

Step 5:

You can now draw the outline of her neck. Then draw shoulders. We’ll draw the plate on her neck as well as it is the symbol for the village where she comes from. After you’ve done that, you can draw the flaps of the zipper as well as the teeth. Sketch out the definitions of the garment and also at the shoulders.

Step 6:

The only thing you need to do is draw in the area and create the cut. Once you’ve done that, draw into your collar bone.

Step 7:

Almost done. Draw the shape of her breasts. Then draw the sleeves or arms. Include the details to the jacket and sleeves as shown here. These include folds, creases and wrinkles.

Step 8:

The last thing you need be doing is sketch the body’s rest or what you observe of it. This will also help to create the form of her body as well. Hinata is a beautiful character from Naruto so make sure to draw the same in this drawing step. Eliminate the mistakes, and all the guides, too.

Step 9:

When you’re happy with how your artwork looks you can erase the initial guidelines we sketched in the first step. You can now grab either a pencil or a fine sharpie, and then ink the drawing out! I like Micron Pens for inking which vary in the thickness of their tips. I hope you liked this tutorial. It was fun to make it!

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