How To Draw Herobrine from Minecraft Easy

It is possible to refer to the basic step-by step drawing guide that follows

How to draw a Landscape with acrylic colors

Step 1

Begin by sketching the box that represents the head. Next, sketch the facial outline. After that, draw a vertical line to the body.

Step 2

The shape of the head as the following, and then go to the next.

Step 3

Here , draw the lining in order to create hair. Then draw the mouth and eyes.

Step 4

Draw your shoulders, the thick arms, and stem that resembles the lower body parts.

Step 5

Create lines that define the body and shape the garment. This can include lining for the collar and sleeves, the shirt lines, and finally the cuff line of the pant. Once you’ve finished, you can put the block definition to the outside of your body.

Step 6

Here’s the line art of your Herobrine model. Eliminate the mistakes, and you’re done.

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