In this lesson, we’ll try to teach the students the art of drawing Herne the Hunter – the protagonist of English folklore.

Step 1
Let’s (as always) begin by examining the skeleton of our character. This is a standard human skeleton made up of lines and ovals.

Step 2
Then let’s add some volume to the body and head of the character. Draw the parts of the body that comprise Herne Hunter Hunter as geometric shapes as illustrated in our illustration.

Step 3
Let’s now add a few general aspects of the character’s body. On the head, sketch the deer horns as well as the hood that is tucked into a cape, covering the bulk parts of our body. On the other hand, sketch an extended long spear.

Step 4
It’s the moment to focus on the finer details. Take care to draw your outline for the facial hair and beard. Then, draw long horns that branch out and the hood.

Step 5
Then move down a bit and draw the outline of the broad cape covering the entire body. Don’t forget to draw the folds as illustrated in the illustration.

Step 6
Let’s move our hands or the hand that’s visible. Draw the outline of a fist clenched in a fist, as well as a long spear inside the hand.

Step 7
We now move to the bottom of the body of Herne The Hunter and precisely draw the outline of the long boots. Remember to draw folds.

Step 8
The drawing is close to being completed, but it is only to create some volume. To accomplish this, you should use thick hatching and apply shadows in areas that are not well-lit.

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