How to draw hermione granger easy Step by Step

The easy step-by-step drawing instructions below.

How To Draw Legs easy Step by Step

One of her most notable visual characteristics is her large, shaggy hair. This is what we’re going to begin with in the beginning of our drawing Hermione Granger drawing tutorial.

We will first draw the outline of her forehead. The fringe will be drawn using curves with sharp ends.

Top of the hair will be drawn using some curves that connect before we trace the hair’s sides.

To create side panels, you’ll employ drops of wavy lines and complete the look with a few tips. This will give more texture and volume.

With your hair drawn Let’s move on to the second step!

Step 2: Draw the details of her face and her scarf.

The style we’ll use to draw this Hermione Granger illustration will be cartoonish and cute like can be seen on our samples!

Then, we sketch the details of her face. First, draw some curves to outline her face.

Draw some large circles to define her eyes. then, you can add spikes from them to create eyelashes. Then, add some circles to the eye contours for her pupils.

We’ll then draw simple lines to draw her mouth, nose and eyebrows. Then, draw the scarf with stripes around her neck. Then, step 3.

Step 3. Draw the robe she’s wearing

The Harry Potter series, students of the magical Hogwarts school Hogwarts have capes in their uniforms.

What we’ll draw in the next step of our drawing Hermione Grenger drawing lesson.

Utilize curved lines to draw her sleeves and they will be thinner at the beginning and they will be longer towards the end.

The cape’s front is joined to the head via straps. Then it will be split and separated.

Before you move on for step 4 you could also draw the skirt that is visible behind the split in her dress, and then we can proceed.

Step 4 – Then Draw the handle of the broom and her legs

The broom is an iconic accessory within the Harry Potter universe.

In addition to being utilized to clean the sand was used to run in the air, and were used in the game of Quidditch.

We’ll show her with the broom in this section of your Hermione drawing by Granger.

Then, we’ll draw the thin and long Broom handle she’s holding on the left. We will not draw the final broom handle at this time however, we’ll add this in the near future!

The final item to include during this phase will be her legs. To keep with the look we’re going for, these legs are going to be short with a squat, with tiny feet at the end.

After that, you’ll be ready to tackle the final details and components in the next stage to the guide!

Step 5 – Add Final Details to Your Hermione Granger Drawing

The fifth step in this Hermione Granger guide will assist you finish the bristled end of the broom you first started with in the first step.

The outline is drawn with a slight curve Then, you can create similar curves for the interior.

The more you add to it the better, as it will aid in creating the look of each hair.

After you have finished the brush’s handle with the brush, you are now able to move to the next step! While you’re at it you can include some additional information of your own!

One suggestion is to color the background. This could be a great opportunity to showcase your most loved Harry Potter scenes or moments! What would you do to complete this amazing photo?

Step 6 – Finish Your Hermione Granger Drawing in Color

In the example image we’ve used of Hermione Granger we’ve highlighted the colors she typically relates to in films and books.

Hair is darker in color brown. For the scarf we mix yellow and red since they represent the colors of the house she attended school in. .

You can pick similar colors for your own drawing if you would like Hermione Granger to appear exactly as you want but it’s your drawing and you are able to create your own version of Hermione Granger by altering the hues. !

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