How to Draw Hello Kitty

Although Hello Kitty might seem small and cute, she is a worldwide phenomenon.

Hello Kitty was created in 1974 and has been featured on many fashion accessories, toys, and other items.

Her design is immediately recognizable. The simple but effective design makes it a lot more fun to draw Hello Kitty.

This guide will show you how simple and fun it is to create this beloved feline.

This step-by-step guide will help you draw Hello Kitty in 6 easy steps.

1st Step:

The iconic feature of the Hello Kitty design, is the bow she wears on her head. This step will show you how to draw Hello Kitty.

You can draw a small circular for the center of your bow. You don’t need to draw a perfect circle. It can be drawn freehand.

You can draw a curve from the sides for each wing. You can then draw lines within these wings to show how the bow folds.

2nd Step:

Although the Hello Kitty bow is an iconic part of the design, it’s just one aspect.

Her big, round head is another thing that makes her famous. That is why we will be drawing this step.

As you draw, be sure to keep the bow you made in the first step at top right-hand corner of your head.

Her head is drawn in a large, oval-shaped shape. The ears will then be on the top of her head, and will be quite far apart.

These will be drawn in triangular shapes that are slightly rounded. From the first step, the one to the right will be behind the bow.

3rd Step:

The head will be finished later. For now, we will draw the body using . Refer to our guide for how to draw Hello Kitty.

Her body is smaller than her head, and also has some basic shapes. You can draw her small, round shape using curved likes that extend down from the head.

The arms of her are drawn using simple curve lines, while the right one is raised in waves.

4th Step:

The fourth part of your Hello Kitty drawing is quite simple! This step will only require you to add some whiskers on her face.

These lines are very simple and can be completed by adding three simple lines each side of the cheek.

It’s that easy! Now you can add the final details to the next step!

5th Step:

While you will soon be able to color your picture, we have some details that we need to include in this step of our guide to drawing Hello Kitty.

First, we need to complete her face. It is not difficult, but it is not hard! Two small, solid black ovals are used to draw her eyes. These will be placed fairly far apart and near her sides.

You can draw her nose with a simple oval shape between your eyes. This will take care of her nose, so you can now draw her legs.

It will also be easy! Simply draw a straight line along her body, near its base.

Next, draw a vertical strip down the middle to make her legs. This completes the guide. However, you can always add more details to it!

One idea is to draw a background for this Hello Kitty drawing. You could also add some accessories or extra details to her drawing.

What are some fun additions you can think of for your Hello Kitty drawing.

6th Step:

Once you’re done with your Hello Kitty drawing it’s time for some color!

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