There is an abundance of diverse heroes and villains. In our opinion, one of the oddest characters in comic books is Hellboy. As you’ve already guessed, we are going to demonstrate ways to draw Hellboy.

Step 1
Every drawing of a person starts with a skeleton and the lesson of Hellboy isn’t an exception. Begin by sketching out an oval to represent the head and the straight line that runs along the spine. Following that, we draw an outline of the pelvis and chest. Legs and arms are drawn using simple lines.

Step 2
Let’s make the drawing richer by adding some flesh to Hellboy. First, we outline the lines that connect across the front. Then, we outline the neck and broad torso. Draw the arms. Make note that your arm must be much bigger in comparison to the left. The final step is drawing the legs.

Step 3
Make this model look more like Hellboy by including the most basic of features. We begin by sketching out the outline of the face as well as the horns, ears, and sideburns. Then, we go down a bit and draw the outline of the long coat as well as the tail guns in the palm and pocket on the belt.

Step 4
From this point We will sketch out the last details, so try to be more precise. Start by drawing the outline of the nose, eyes, and mouth. Then, sketch the outline for the sideburns, and the horns. Take away any unnecessary guidelines from the head, and then move to Hellboy’s body.

Step 5
Now it’s an opportunity to sketch the specifics of the body of Hellboy. The first step is to carefully draw the outline of the broad pectoral muscles and the abs. Following that, take care to draw the collets of our coats never forgetting to draw the folds that are required.

Step 6
It’s difficult to complete this step. In keeping with the lines of the shoulders, carefully draw the contours of the arms without forgetting to draw the folds that are required. Then, carefully draw the big right and left fist using the gun. Take away any unnecessary guidelines and shift the body towards the legs.

Step 7
Sketch out all the pockets and bags that are on your Hellboy belt. After that, carefully sketch the lines of the legs and shorts. Draw those muscles on the legs as well as hooves in the illustration. Eliminate all unneeded guidelines and move on to creating shadows.

Step 8
Paint the sideburns first. Next, precisely draw the shadow lines. By using hatching, apply the shadows in the manner shown in the illustration lower. Shadows can be drawn either like the ones we have shown or as per the style of classic comics which is to use distinct and contrasty regions of shadows.

Today, we taught you the art of drawing Hellboy among the best and most unique comic characters. What comic characters do enjoy and which ones would you like to see featured on our website? Contact us with your suggestions on our website or through the social media networks we have.


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